Macromedia Flash Player

The administration of timed tests on this site makes use of version 7 of the Macromedia Flash Player. This free player is available for many operating systems and browser versions, and has already been installed on most Internet-connected computers. Click here to make sure you have the latest version of the Flash Player.

Flash Support
If you are having trouble installing the free Flash Player, or viewing Flash content, please visit the Macromedia Flash Support Center.

System Requirements
There are some issues with certain browser versions/operating system combinations. In particular, Macromedia recommends upgrading from Netscape 6 to Netscape 7. The Macromedia Flash Support Center offers more detailed information on the latest system requirements.

Common Problems
Listed below are some reasons why the SIGMATesting.Com timed administration module might not load or play properly, even though the Macromedia Flash Player has been correctly installed.

  • Flash Module Cannot Load Test:
    You probably don't have the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player. Older versions lack the ability to exchange information with the SIGMATesting.Com server. Click here to install the latest version.
  • Browser Security Settings:
    Make sure that your browser's security settings do not block plug-ins and/or Active X content from Macromedia.
  • Pop Up Blockers:
    Some pop up blockers also block Flash content. Temporarily disable the pop up blocker, or configure it to not block content on SIGMATesting.Com.
  • Security and Anti-Spyware Utilities:
    Some security utilities may block Flash content. Temporarily disable the utility, or change its settings to allow Active X content from Macromedia.
  • QuickTime Conflict:
    If installed, make sure that the QuickTime player is not configured to play Flash files (look under File Associations in Preferences). While this player can play some Flash movies, it cannot handle the timing features in the SIGMATesting.Com administration module.
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