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Jackson Vocational Interest Survey (JVIS)


  • Career and educational counselling with high school, college and university students
  • Career planning for adults, including mid-life career redirection
  • Valuable for corporate restructuring


The JVIS consists of 289 pairs of statements describing job related activities and requires approximately 45 minutes to complete. Administration is available in both English and French. The JVIS employs a forced-choice format, asking the respondent to indicate a preference between two equally popular interests. The detailed JVIS report includes the basic interest profile, a profile for 10 general occupational themes, a profile of similarity to 17 educational major field clusters, a ranking of 32 occupational group clusters, validity scales, an academic satisfaction score and other information. A narrative summary of the 3 highest-ranked educational and occupational clusters is particularly useful. Finally a section entitled "Where to Go From Here" offers information on related career exploration books and activities.

U.S., Canadian, French Canadian and Australian versions* of the JVIS report are available on SIGMATesting.Com.

Administration Languages

  • English
  • French (Canada)

Report Languages

  • English
  • French (Canada)

Sample Reports

View the versions of the sample reports using the links below:
  · U.S. Sample Report
  · Canadian Sample Report
  · French Canadian Sample Report
  · Australian Sample Report


Click here for JVIS pricing.

* SIGMATesting.Com automatically generates the appropriate report version for your client and account. A Canadian report will be generated if you select Canada when entering your client's optional address information. A French Canadian report will be generated if you've set the client's report language to French. An Australian report will be generated if you select Australia or New Zealand when entering your client's optional address information. If you do not specify a country for your client, your account's country setting will be used. The U.S. version of the report will be generated for all other countries.

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