Customize the LSP
using the Leadership Skills Benchmark
Step #1 - Identify SME Group
Identify key people, or Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), in your organization that best understand the leadership skills that are most important to the specific leadership position (include yourself, top performers, their supervisors, etc.).
Step #2 – Complete the LSB Questionnaire
SMEs rate the importance of each of the 42 leadership dimensions predicted by the LSP. The result is the Leadership Skills Benchmark, a valuable report summarizing your organization’s profile for successful leadership in a given position. Very useful for interviewing, writing job descriptions, and customizing the LSP.
Step #3 – Assess Candidates and Generate Reports
Candidates take the LSP. Next the LSP is scored and reports are automatically customized based on the benchmarks defined above. The result is a powerful, cost effective solution where leaders are compared to a profile defined by your team of experts.
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Identifying Effective Leaders
LSP Qualification Course
SIGMA is pleased to present the Identifying Effective Leaders: LSP Qualification Course. This online course introduces participants to the LSP and enables graduates to effectively interpret LSP reports for selection and succession planning. In addition, it arms participants with information on important concepts relevant to psychological testing as well as leadership in the context of work.
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Leadership Skills Profile

The Leadership Skills Profile (LSP) family now features four products designed to fill your leadership development and selection needs:
· LSP - Focus Report (LSP-Focus)
· LSP - Development Report (LSP-DR)
· LSP - Selection Report (LSP-SR)
· LSP - Selection+Development (LSP-S+D)

LSP Enhancements

Consistent with SIGMA’s ongoing commitment to quality and value, we are pleased to announce the following enhancements to our Leadership Skills Profile (LSP):

  • The LSP is now Customizable
    SIGMA puts you in the driver’s seat and delivers a tailored solution that allows you to align the LSP with your specific organizational requirements. Click here to view a sample customized LSP report.
  • Optimized Narrative Report
    The narrative text delivered in the LSP has been refined and we have made optimizations to the scoring of the LSP to enhance its predictive ability.
  • Integrated Leadership Solution
    The 42 performance outcomes predicted by the LSP Development and Selection reports provide a robust model of leadership. These assessments are closely aligned with the powerful and convenient SIGMARADIUS 360 degree feedback tool.

Click here to learn more about these exciting developments.


  • A pre-hire assessment for selection and placement of job applicants
  • An aid for succession planning, and for determining promotability of managers and executives
  • A foundation for managerial and executive coaching


The Leadership Skills Profile is a unique, customizable assessment that analyzes the strengths and development opportunities of managerial and executive candidates on 42 critical leadership dimensions. The information contained in the LSP can significantly affect an organization’s prospects for success, failure, or mediocrity.

The LSP predicts leadership performance on the following 42 dimensions:

  • Cognitive Managerial Skills
    • Technical Orientation
    • Analytical Orientation
    • Decisiveness
    • Creativity
    • Thoroughness
    • Objectivity
    • Risk Taking
  • Interpersonal Managerial Skills
    • Open-Mindedness
    • First Impression
    • Interpersonal Relations
    • Sensitivity
    • Social Astuteness
    • Conflict Management
    • Communication
    • Formal Presentation
    • Persuasiveness
    • Negotiation
  • Personal Managerial Qualities
    • Listening
    • Achievement and Motivation
    • Self-Discipline
    • Flexibility
    • Independence
    • Self-Esteem
    • Emotional Control
    • Dependability
    • Ambition
    • General Leadership Effectiveness
  • Teamwork, Supervision, Planning & Productivity
    • Assuming Responsibility
    • Vision
    • Emphasizing Excellence
    • Organizational Spokesperson
    • Subordinate Involvement
    • Facilitating Teamwork
    • Inspirational Role Model
    • Short-Term planning
    • Strategic Planning
    • Organizing the Work of Others
    • Delegation
    • Monitoring and Controlling
    • Motivating Others
    • Attracting Staff
    • Productivity


The development of the LSP began with the careful selection of items from three well-researched, standardized personality measures: the Personality Research Form (PRF), the Jackson Personality Inventory-Revised (JPI-R), and the Survey of Work Styles (SWS). The LSP questions (“items”) were selected from a pool of over 4500 using the most advanced quantitative techniques available.

Reliability and Validity

The PRF, JPI-R, and SWS, the measures upon which the LSP is based, have consistently displayed solid evidence of convergent and discriminant validity with self and peer ratings, as well as with numerous other measures. The research literature in psychology contains approximately 2000 articles citing one or more of these measures. Moreover, all measures show meaningful correlations with executive performance. Reliability estimates of each measure’s scales are reported in detail in the respective manuals.

Administration Languages

  • English

Report Languages

  • English

LSP Products

LSP Focus Report (LSP-Focus)

The LSP Focus Report provides a balanced set of 10 Personal Strengths and 10 Development Opportunities derived from scores on 42 LSP competencies. The LSP Focus Report is augmented by the companion LSP Development Guide — an excellent resource for coaching, group, and self-directed development.

Features and Benefits

  • Concise, focused report
  • Every participant guaranteed a “balanced picture” of 10 strengths and 10 opportunities for development
  • Dynamic narrative development advice is delivered for each competency
  • Ideal for large groups or when Self-Directed Development is desired
  • Free companion LSP Development Guide

Sample Report

Click here for a sample of the standard LSP-Focus report.


Click here for LSP-Focus pricing.

LSP Development Report (LSP-DR)

The LSP Development Report leverages decades of research on the relation between personality and leadership performance to provide an advanced leadership development solution. This comprehensive report provides the tools and techniques that empower leaders to realize their full potential. Major components include 1) a Snapshot of the respondent’s Personal Strengths and Development Opportunities on the LSP’s 42 dimensions of leadership, 2) a Personal Development Workbook, and 3) detailed Development Feedback that provides concrete strategies for improving one’s leadership effectiveness.

Sample Report

  • Click here for a sample of the standard LSP-DR report.
  • The LSP can also be aligned with your organization's specific requirements. Click here for an example of a customized LSP-DR report.


Click here for LSP-DR pricing.

LSP Selection Report (LSP-SR)

The LSP-SR is a cutting-edge assessment for identifying and selecting top leadership talent. It predicts performance on 42 leadership dimensions and explains, in detail, how the respondent’s personality will affect his or her leadership effectiveness. It also highlights any “red flags” for further follow-up. The LSP-SR can be produced in a standard format, or it can reflect the specific requirements of a particular job by using established benchmarks.

Sample Report

  • Click here for a sample of the standard LSP-SR report.
  • The LSP can also be aligned with your organization's specific requirements. Click here for an example of a customized LSP-SR report.


Click here for LSP-SR pricing.

LSP Selection+Development (LSP-S+D)

The LSP-SR and LSP-DR when used in tandem, deliver a powerful, complementary leadership solution. Furthermore, when benchmarks are in place, the reports allow you to select and develop leaders against a common set of requirements specific to a given position.


Click here for LSP-S+D pricing.

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