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Dimensional Assessment of Personality Pathology - Basic Questionnaire (DAPP-BQ)

The Dimensional Assessment of Personality Pathology - Basic Questionnaire (DAPP-BQ) provides a convenient and detailed assessment of personality disorder for psychologists, psychiatrists, and other professionals. The instrument is designed to provide a comprehensive assessment of the basic dimensions of personality disorder and clinically relevant personality traits. It assesses a variety of affective, cognitive, and interpersonal characteristics that have important implications for a personís mental health, adjustment, and well being.

The dimensions of personality disorder assessed with the DAPP-BQ are based upon a substantial program of research on the structure and etiology of personality disorder. The measure was developed by refining concepts that clinicians have found useful in understanding, describing, and treating personality disorder. Thus, the development of the DAPP-BQ addresses a need to evaluate clinically important aspects of personality disorder using modern, structured approaches to test construction.

The DAPP-BQ consists of 290 items that assess 18 dimensions of personality disorder. The 18 scales are defined in terms of the way these traits are manifested in individuals with personality disorder. Consequently, scale names reflect diagnostic terms and constructs that are commonly used in clinical practice, making it useful for clinicians when diagnosing and treating patients.


  • Affective Lability
    Emotions tend to be intense and unstable; experiences frequent mood changes; emotional reactions often appear extreme
  • Anxiousness
    Readily feels fearful and worried
  • Callousness
    Disregard for the feelings and well being of others; lacks empathy and remorse
  • Compulsivity
    Orderly and systematic; likes structure and organization
  • Conduct Problems
    Tendency to show a range of antisocial behaviors and disregard for social norms
  • Cognitive Dysregulation
    Thinking tends to become disorganized especially at times of stress; experiences unusual perceptions and ideas
  • Identity Problems
    Unstable sense of self or identity
  • Insecure Attachment
    Fearful pattern of attachment relationships
  • Intimacy Problems
    Avoids intimacy
  • Low Affiliation
    Disinterest in, and avoidance of, social relationships and contacts; socially detached
  • Narcissism
    Grandiose with a strong need for attention and approval
  • Oppositionality
    Passively resists expectations of satisfactory performance of routine tasks
  • Rejection
    Antagonistic, hostile, and judgmental
  • Restricted Expression
    Emotionally unresponsive and distant
  • Self-Harm
    Tendency to engage in deliberate self-harm and to have chronic thoughts of suicide
  • Stimulus Seeking
    Needs excitement and stimulation; sensation-seeking, reckless, and impulsive
  • Submissiveness
    Subservient, diffident, and unassertive; constantly looks to others for support, guidance, and reassurance
  • Suspiciousness
    Mistrusts others; hyperalert to signs of interpersonal threat and ill-intent

Administration Languages

  • English

Report Languages

  • English

Sample Report

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